aprilia, AP0264010 rotor support, AP0264030 kohlebuerstenhalter kpl., AP0264050 rotor, AP0232460 roller cage, AP0250350 oil seal 16x22x3, AP0264070 kleinteilesatz, AP0293690 starter gear assy.,, AP0264060 spring set serie, AP0264040 field coil w. carbon brush assy., AP0264045 carbon brush, AP0241215 combined screw m4x10, AP0945751 break washer a6, AP0241301 hex. screw m6x90

Starter motor Aprilia AF1 Futura 125 1990

Starter motor exploded view of the Aprilia AF1 Futura 125 1990

All parts for the Starter Motor of the Aprilia AF1 Futura 125 1990
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Starter motor Spare parts of the Aprilia AF1 Futura 125 1990

The Aprilia AF1 125 part drawing above shows a "starter motor". The numbers in the list refer to the number on the drawing. All numbers are original Aprilia oem part numbers.

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