aprilia, AP8248956 rh side panel, black+decal, AP8230838 rh side panel, green, AP8231062 , AP8231524 rh side panel, violet, AP8231532 rh side panel, black, AP8231699 rh side panel, blue/red, AP8231717 rh side panel, black/green, AP8238197 rh side panel, red/beige, AP8238230 rh side panel, black/yellow, AP8238701 rh side panel, blue, AP8238809 rh side panel, red, AP8239378 rh side panel, orange, AP8248950 rh side panel, red+decal, AP8120223 rubber spacer, AP8220319 rear sus. guard, AP8238198 lh side panel, red/beige, AP8231063 lh side panel, grey, AP8231525 lh side panel, violet, AP8231533 lh side panel, black, AP8231700 lh side panel, blue/red, AP8231718 lh side panel, black/green, AP8238231 lh side panel, black, AP8238702 lh side panel, blue, AP8248957 lh side panel, black+decal, AP8248951 lh side panel, red+decal, AP8239379 lh side panel, orange, AP8238810 lh side panel, red, AP8230840 lh side panel, green

Central body i Aprilia Classic 50 1992

Central body i exploded view of the Aprilia Classic 50 1992

All parts for the Central Body I of the Aprilia Classic 50 1992
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#2 AP8120223 Rubber spacer Aprilia AP8120223

Rubber spacer Aprilia AP8120223

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Central body i Spare parts of the Aprilia Classic 50 1992

The Aprilia Classic 50 part drawing above shows a "central body i". The numbers in the list refer to the number on the drawing. All numbers are original Aprilia oem part numbers.

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