aprilia, AP8103985 screw, AP8123165 screw (r.), AP8103986 , AP8123306 plug (r.), AP8103987 0 ring, AP8123166 , AP8103989 , AP8123304 fork leg (r.l.), AP8123167 , AP8123168 o-ring, AP8103990 , AP8123084 , AP8123305 oil seal (kit), AP8103991 fork tube (l.), AP8103992 o-ring, AP8103993 spacer, AP8103994 washer, AP8103995 rubber, AP8103996 , AP8103997 fork tube (r.), AP8123261 , AP8123147 , AP8103999 , AP8123169 spring, AP8123092 , AP8123307 plug (l.), AP8123002 plug, AP8123003 , AP8205053 screw, AP8123004 nut, AP8123171 u-bolt, AP8103604 washer, AP8123006 upper plate, AP8103605 ring nut, AP8123007 complete fork, AP8123173 lower plate, AP8123174 hub (l.), AP8123008 , AP8123175 hub (r.), AP8123009 , AP8120763 cable holder

Front fork l/m/n/p Aprilia Climber 280 1990

Front fork l/m/n/p exploded view of the Aprilia Climber 280 1990

All parts for the Front Fork L/m/n/p of the Aprilia Climber 280 1990
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Front fork l/m/n/p Spare parts of the Aprilia Climber 280 1990

The Aprilia Climber 280 part drawing above shows a "front fork l/m/n/p". The numbers in the list refer to the number on the drawing. All numbers are original Aprilia oem part numbers.

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