aprilia, AP8122862 fuel filter, AP8122847 cap, AP8122806 screw, AP8122810 throttle valve, AP8122836 ring, AP8122857 ring, AP8106475 ring, AP8122840 valve-block, AP8122821 spring, AP8122850 cover, AP8122859 cable adjuster, AP8122811 piston valve, AP8122852 diaphragm, AP8122860 ring, AP8122841 shaft assy, AP8122845 spring, AP8122851 throttle lever, AP8122861 washer, AP8122816 nut, AP8122842 complete adjuster shaft, AP8122801 seal, AP8122817 plug, AP8122828 screw, AP8122818 spring, AP8122804 spring, AP8122837 screw, AP8122843 plate, AP8122819 screw, AP8122839 oil seal, AP8122831 o-ring, AP8122813 float, AP8122846 holder assy, AP8122807 needle valve, AP8122825 main jet, AP8122822 jet needle, AP8122808 needle valve assy, AP8122812 float chamber body, AP8122832 washer, AP8122805 spring, AP8122849 cable adjuster, AP8122856 clip, AP8122853 piston assy, AP8122830 adjuster, AP8122829 spring, AP8122854 washer, AP8122827 o-ring, AP8122834 ring, AP8122833 screw, AP8122844 plate, AP8122814 hose, AP8122826 packing, AP8122838 seal, AP8122809 nipple, AP8122835 clip, AP8122848 support assy., AP8122820 screw, AP8122824 nut, AP8122815 hose union, AP8122803 spring, AP8122802 guide holder, AP8122855 plug, AP8122823 cover, AP8122858 cable guide, AP8106250 carburator

Carburettor Aprilia Pegaso 650 1992

Carburettor exploded view of the Aprilia Pegaso 650 1992

All parts for the Carburettor of the Aprilia Pegaso 650 1992
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#6 AP8106472 Spring Aprilia AP8106472

Spring Aprilia AP8106472

€ 12,88 2 - 4 Business days
#12 AP8122852 Diaphragm Aprilia AP8122852

Diaphragm Aprilia AP8122852

€ 24,21 2 - 4 Business days
#28 AP8122839 Oil seal Aprilia AP8122839

Oil seal Aprilia AP8122839

€ 13,35 2 - 4 Business days
#30 AP8122813 Float Aprilia AP8122813

Float Aprilia AP8122813

€ 33,07 2 - 4 Business days
#35 AP8122808 Needle valve assy Aprilia AP8122808

Needle valve assy Aprilia AP8122808

€ 59,25 2 - 4 Business days
#37 AP8122832 Washer Aprilia AP8122832

Washer Aprilia AP8122832

€ 7,03 2 - 4 Business days
#38 AP8122805 Spring Aprilia AP8122805

Spring Aprilia AP8122805

€ 12,36 3 - 8 Weeks
#43 AP8122829 Spring Aprilia AP8122829

Spring Aprilia AP8122829

€ 10,21 24 Hour
#44 AP8122854 Washer Aprilia AP8122854

Washer Aprilia AP8122854

€ 10,96 24 Hour
#45 AP8122827 O-ring Aprilia AP8122827

O-ring Aprilia AP8122827

€ 15,14 24 Hour
#54 AP8122848 Support assy. Aprilia AP8122848

Support assy. Aprilia AP8122848

€ 13,86 2 - 4 Business days
#59 AP8122802 Guide holder Aprilia AP8122802

Guide holder Aprilia AP8122802

€ 9,81 24 Hour
#61 AP8122823 Cover Aprilia AP8122823

Cover Aprilia AP8122823

€ 11,70 3 - 8 Weeks

Carburettor Spare parts of the Aprilia Pegaso 650 1992

The Aprilia Pegaso 650 part drawing above shows a "carburettor". The numbers in the list refer to the number on the drawing. All numbers are original Aprilia oem part numbers.

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