How did it start?

This website is an initiative of Robbie Leerkes: a fan of everything that has wheels or an engine from an early age. Over the years, a hobby of cars, tractors, but especially mopeds that literally got out of hand has grown into a small company in motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. Even during the HTS automotive engineering course, more time was spent between the petrol and oil (often in Italy) than in the books. Even some exams were missed, but passed after a resit because trade in Italy was preferred. (nice anecdote: During an exam, the mobile rang; 'Leerkes, where are you? we miss you, you have an exam' answer: 'In the Italian sun looking for trade, I don't miss you, but I'm going for the re-exam, good luck and greetings"). After completing the training and graduating in Italy (Firenze), the choice was therefore not difficult.

Currently, the Aprilia trading section is one of the fundamental activities of the website. In addition, all types and brands of motorcycles of almost all young (often Italian) brands are traded.

Gebruik deze exploded views voor jouw Aprilia